Food Shopping 101 with Annessa Chumbley, Nutrition Expert

I started off this year basically being vegan. I must admit it, I felt was pretty awesome. Relearning how to food shop and staying on my plan was a slight challenge for me. But come learn with me just how simple and satisfying eating from nature’s garden can really be in this sponsored post with nutrition expert, Annessa Chumbley. She shares her favorite natural and organic recipes, sure to please everyone.

Annessa has some great food shopping tips for navigating the organic and natural food choices in your local grocery store. I love how she refers to the produce section as “nature’s pharmacy.” Come to think of it, it really is just that. Many of our pharmaceuticals have plant origins. Check out some of her recipes here: Annessa Chumbley, Albertsons-Safeway Ambassador

Path to Healthy Eating

It’s no surprise that Americans could stand to eat a little healthier. And while grocery stores are typically filled with a variety of choices, one of the easiest ways to get on the path to nutritious eating is to understand what to look for with organic and natural foods.

Why is it important to learn these skills?

  • The Center for Disease Control estimates that 78.6 million US adults (or one third of the population) are obese.
  • Multiple studies have shown that healthy eating is more important than exercise when it comes to reaching and maintaining healthy weight.
  • Being obese puts a person at higher risk for serious health problems such as heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and certain cancers.

With so many choices available when we go food shopping, how can we get back on track with healthy eating? That’s a rather simple answer, shop the perimeter of the store. There you’ll find your fresh produce, dairy and meat. You’ll find less processed foods on the perimeter. 

Do you have food shopping tips? How do you stay on track with healthy eating?


Annessa Chumbley is a dietitian and nutrition expert, an experienced TV host, mom of two, and a regular content provider for a wide variety of traditional media and digital outlets. As a national brand endorser for Albertsons Safeway, she partners with the grocery retailer to create recipes, cooking videos, and nutritional tips and solutions for their shoppers nationwide.  Chumbley is known for her passion for healthy food as well as her conversational and engaging style. She is a sought-after resource offering health advice, delicious recipes, wellness videos, weight loss strategies, and daily tips on how to change habits to help people lead a more fulfilled and healthy life.

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