Diabetes Walking Program

There are nearly 30 million people in the U.S. with diabetes. I’m included in that number. That’s almost 1 in 10 people that need to learn how to successfully manage this disease. In this post, you’ll hear from Dr. Serge Jabbour and Dr. Sheri Colberg on how a simple walking program can help you manage your diabetes.

Take One Step At A Time To A Healthier Life

More than ever, people are focused on the number of steps they take per day, especially with the growing popularity of apps and pedometers. Putting one foot in front of the other is an accessible way to get active and see results. A new program called Everyday Steps aims to help the nearly 28 million Americans with type 2 diabetes increase their physical activity with walking to help manage their condition.

Since those with type 2 diabetes may find it challenging to maintain a fitness regimen, it’s advisable to keep it simple by taking it one step at a time with the help of this new walking program being launched across the country. The program is specifically designed to help those living with type 2 diabetes. The plan includes a guide with 12 tips that can help individuals start the walking activity daily and stick with it.

12 Step Walking Program Guide

  1. Set a step goal – I recommend a Fitbit (this is my affiliate link, where I earn a small commission if you purchase from here). If you have a Fitbit, please add me as a friend 🙂 I strive to get 10k steps in each day. I actually make it sometimes.
  2. Build up gradually – add a few hundred extra steps per week
  3. Invite a friend – grab a buddy and take a walk
  4. Make it musical – grab your favorite earbuds and a high tempo playlist. I like podrunner.
  5. Get up to speed – get that heart rate up
  6. Reward your effort – treat yourself to a healthy snack
  7. Sign a contract – keep yourself accountable to a goal
  8. Change it up – try a new route or do some interval training
  9. Add to the mix – power walk, add some ankle weights, jog for 1 minute
  10. Socialize it – share your run with friends on FB, IG or Snap
  11. Are you up for the Test? – if your diabetic, test your sugar after walking. You should see a reduction.
  12. Make it about others – walk in a charity race. Step Out for Diabetes, The Kidney Walk, Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, and  The Heart Walk.

Some of the key benefits of a walking program are:

  • Reducing blood sugar and improving body’s ability to use insulin
  • Lowering risk of high blood pressure, heart disease or stroke
  • Boosting good cholesterol levels and lowering bad cholesterol numbers
  • Lowering stress levels
  • Strengthening muscles and bones

Learn more about the walking program to help manage your diabetes at www.everydaystepsguide.com.

If you’re interested in know more about my diabetes story, check out this video from when I was newly diagnosed and trying to get my steps in 🙂

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