Highlights, Popular Posts & Reflection on 2015

In this post you will find highlights, the crowd favorite popular posts and my year-end reflections on 2015. It was fairly quiet around here in 2015 as far as writing goes, but the lights are still on and I'm still on a mission to make the world a little greater for Black folks. Between working my 9-5, I've been in a coaching program for most of the year to build my speaking platform. I still managed to post to the blog here and there. Despite … [Read more...]

We speak her name, Barbara Dawson

Barbara Dawson, age 57 of Bristol, Florida, died on December 21, 2015 after being wrongfully discharged from Calhoun Liberty Hospital. She had been seen and treated in the hospital, then discharged. However, Dawson was having trouble breathing. Instead of the emergency department re-evaluating her, they called the police to have her forcibly removed from the premises. According to the hospital spokeswoman "While we can't discuss her situation … [Read more...]

Today Was All About Self Care

Today was a self care day. It was ALL about me. All day today, I took care of me. I took a day off from work. The 1st thing I did was take time to consult with a blog coach, Mrs. Brandi Riley from Mama Knows It ALL, and strategically plan for 2016. I'm actually really excited about the direction this blog will take in 2016. You'll be seeing and hearing a lot more from me. Woot! After I was done with Brandi, I headed off to the spa. I turned 40 … [Read more...]

Top 10 Things Every Nurse Should Know About The Lab

Nurses are awesome! They survived nursing school (no small feat) and really just want to go to work everyday and take care of their patients in an efficient manner. I totally understand. I'm here to facilitate that with my top 10, served up with a little satire and sarcasm for fun. I want us, the collective healthcare team, to start extrapolating our daily cause a little further and think to ourselves, I just want to go to work and take care of … [Read more...]