My 23andMe DNA Results!

The results are in from 23andMe ! Yay! Let's see what they had to say about me. Do you remember my post about why I chose 23andMe? Well, I'm finally sharing my results :-) I'm not too surprised by the ancestry my DNA shows. I assumed I had West African heritage because of the history of the trans-Atlantic slave trade. It's nice to get confirmation through haplotype testing that shows I'm closely linked folks originating from Nigeria. … [Read more...]

Why 23andMe

Every since I saw Henry Louis Gates special “African American Lives”  I’ve been intrigued about genealogy and wanted to find out more about where my ancestors came from. As depicted in the documentary, it’s cultural for most Black Americans to believe that we are part Native American or as we like to say “Indian.” I’m pretty sure I remember even my Father saying that his grandmother was Indian.  One thing is for sure, I’ll find out, when I get … [Read more...]

Find Credible Health Information on the Internet

  Chances are you are 1 of the 80% of people who search the Internet for health information. I recommend that you proceed with caution in doing that, if you have not yet been to see your doctor. It’s important that you see your doctor regarding any new health concern so that you can be properly diagnosed. You diagnosing yourself can lead to far more trouble than just taking the time to go see your doctor. To that point, do you have a … [Read more...]

Diva Cup Review

Disclaimer: This post is for the ladies and may not be suitable to read while eating I started using the Diva Cup back in 2006. I was browsing a natural hair care forum ( and came across a post about it. I was intrigued because I had never heard of anything like it. But several ladies in the forum swore by it. It’s a sizable investment of about $30 for a feminine hygiene product, but it’s reusable and will last for years. I’ve … [Read more...]