Your Medication List

I think it’s safe to say that we all have taken a prescription medication or over-the-counter remedy at some point in life. Many of us are fortunate to only take something as needed, but then there are those of us who require medication on a daily basis. Regardless of how often you take any medication, it is extremely important that you be able to tell a health care provider what you are taking. While it may seem like a minor annoyance and … [Read more...]

Top 10 Things Every Nurse Should Know About The Lab

Nurses are awesome! They survived nursing school (no small feat) and really just want to go to work everyday and take care of their patients in an efficient manner. I totally understand. I'm here to facilitate that with my top 10, served up with a little satire and sarcasm for fun. I want us, the collective healthcare team, to start extrapolating our daily cause a little further and think to ourselves, I just want to go to work and take care of … [Read more...]

Do Engaged Patients Really Cost More?

Even though I'm not convinced it's going to cost more, the LA Times recently published an article that quickly grabbed my attention because of the title, "Patients who helped with medical choices had higher bills: study". Shared decision-making  or patients being involved in their own care  is a topic you've seen me post about before and it's something I'm rather passionate about. So, at first glance, I was expecting to see … [Read more...]

How to Build a Better Relationship with Your Provider

Do you have an agenda? I recently came across an article on the doctor and patient relationship as told from the perspective of Dr. J. Blake Long (Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center). He provides an insightful narrative on the changing nature of the doctor and patient relationship and shares some key points that will empower YOU with confidence to be an active participant in your own care. He recommends that you: Have an agenda when you … [Read more...]

Your Medical Record

  The Empowered Mocha Patient is all about fostering a lifestyle of involvement in your own health care, successful disease management & prevention of disease by taking proactive measures. Therefore, this week, I want to share some tips on the importance of a complete medical record and how you can organize your own. Before moving into to this weeks tips, let’s first address one of the overwhelming concerns in the mocha patient … [Read more...]

You Need an Advocate

Issue 2 You Need an Advocate! There are times when you, a family member or close friend may need to visit the Doctor for something other than a routine physical, or even require hospitalization. This can cause feelings of fear and anxiety for the patient, as a result, judgment and memory can be impaired. At a stressful time like that, it’s important to have an advocate accompany the patient. A patient advocate is someone the patient trusts, … [Read more...]