Diabetes Walking Program

There are nearly 30 million people in the U.S. with diabetes. I'm included in that number. That's almost 1 in 10 people that need to learn how to successfully manage this disease. In this post, you'll hear from Dr. Serge Jabbour and Dr. Sheri Colberg on how a simple walking program can help you manage your diabetes. Take One Step At A Time To A Healthier Life More than ever, people are focused on the number of steps they take per day, … [Read more...]

Resources to Help You Make It Through a Daniel Fast

In this post, you'll get a couple Daniel Fast friendly recipes and resources, as well as my 1st of the year plans. Happy New Year! We made it to 2016. It's typical to start out each new year with some sort of resolution or plan for something we're going to do differently than in past years. Most of us want to improve one or more aspects of our life this year. I created a vision board to capture the things I want to focus on in 2016. You … [Read more...]

Against All Odds: Black Women in Medicine

Crystal Emery's newest project showcases Black women doctors and shines a light on the need for more of us in that field. Read more about why I loved being in the room for this book signing in this sponsored post. Crystal Emery has boldly taken on the responsibility of celebrating Black Women in medicine, as well as highlighting the low numbers of Black women in the field. In her new book Against All Odds: Black Women in Medicine, … [Read more...]

Stanford Medicine X 2014: The Experience

Stanford Medicine X 2014 was more than a conference, it was an experience. So much so, that I actually had a conference hangover when I returned home. There's a hashtag over on Twitter for #MedXhangover, it's like REALLY a thing. I know it's a thing, because I had it. Where do I start? From the opening rave on Friday at 8:00:00AM (that's 8 o'clock on the dot ) until Marvin Calderon, Jr. brought down the house on Sunday afternoon, MedX exceeded … [Read more...]

Stanford MedX Live – ePatient Leadership, Finding Your Voice

As one of this year's Stanford MedicineX ePatient delegates, I appeared as a guest on the 4/8/14 episode of Stanford MedX Live - ePatient Leadership, Finding Your Voice. You can view it right here: Stanford University School of Medicine is a luminary for merging technology with medicine. I'm very pleased that I have been selected to participate in this year's conference in sunny California. I'm looking forward to sharing the work I do for … [Read more...]

30 Days of Thanks

Feature of the Month: A Thankful Heart Somewhere along the way I noticed one of my FaceBook friends sharing status updates each day of November for things they were thankful for. I can't remember who it was now, but it had to have been in 2010. The 1st few days they posted left a lasting impression on me, so I joined in and have been participating each November since then. I typically post 3 things each day on my I'm thankful for on my … [Read more...]

Featured Person of the Month: Virginia Hurston, My Mommy

November 2012's featured person of the month is dedicated to my extraordinary Mother, Mrs. Virginia White Hurston (sunrise 12/30/39 - sunset 11/21/08). She was an educator and served the Beecher Community Schools faithfully for 31 years as an English & History teacher. I affectionately tell everyone that she was my ride or die, #1 fan, loved me best besides God & would lovingly support me even if I was wrong as 2 left shoes. My … [Read more...]

Inaugural address

October 30, 2011 Welcome to the inaugural address of The Empowered Mocha Patient. My goal is to share useful topics that will reduce medical errors, improve health disparities and issues with access to care that are plaguing the mocha patient community. Each week, I will highlight a different issue and over time, you will become a more confident, well-informed patient, and ultimately develop a stronger interactive relationship with your … [Read more...]